To My Shrine

This is a shrine to all the monsters I have raised.  I will add images of my monsters
as I either (1) start raising them, or (2) end their reign as a monster.
I hope you all enjoy my monsters as much as I did!!!

The colors below will be found in the table and represent the following...
Freezer 1st Generation
Dead 2nd Generation
On the Ranch 3rd Generation

By clicking on any of their pictures you can download a .GME file for your DexDrive, the save will have just the monster pictured frozen at the lab for easy battle practice.

Stumper was definitley one of my favorites to raise, as well as my first in this game.  I had an original game the got close to 70 years, and then it got saved over... which means, NEW GAME

Stumper was a great monster
He raised very quickly in rank but only achieved a final rank of A Class.
He lived close to 5 yrs.

Mr. Blippo was also a really good monster, i got his Power to rise up pretty fast but he didn't have that great of a Skill stat, therefore he didn't always hit his target... actually it was pretty rare

Mr. Blippo was actually a decent monster other than the Skill part.  He, as with Stumper, only got as far A Class.  He lived around 4 yrs 6mns.

This monster as most people already know, is so totaly worthless. If it isn't digging up the hot spring... KILL IT!!!
I hated this monster, granted he also attained A rank, but he blew the whole time.

Death to all hoppers. Thank god I have the Undine slate, now I never need to use a Hopper again!!!
Will be missed

I was really upset with this one.  I started out with the idea of unlocking a beaclon, only to have Digie fail me, he just didn't heave the loyalty. So at 4 1/2 yrs old I sent him on his first erantry, he came back with Peirce throw. He would die before ever gaining another attack.

I will truly miss my purple worm, he died and I refused to reset because he had just come back from an expedition in the Kawrea Volcanoe, with the Joker's Mask, and 2 pure silvers.  Why reset when you can start a new monster.
Newest member of the Dinoslice family ^_^

This is one kick ass monster, I recomend that you all try to raise one. Before he reached age 2yrs, he had already attained close to 680 Power, with a Speed of 81 he is very rarely hit... Yes I said 81!!  And he's undefeated!!!
19W 0L 15KOs

My newest monster... can you see a pattern in the sub breeds? HAHA I just happen to really like the look of the Dragon as a sub breed.

I hope to eventually combine Stumper and Scrappy, and then probably
Tyrant with Mr. Blippo thast will give me one hell of a 3rd Gen.
If it can't Kick ass I don't know what would.
I also have that Stupid ass Gonzales, and an Undine that are as of yet unraised.

Join me and my crew aboard
Sigma Pi One