Monster List

001. Pixie [Pixie/Pixie] There are many fans though it is spoiled and powerless.
002. Diana [Pixie/Dragon] Because it it of legendary blood, it has high pride.
003. Unico [Pixie/Centaur] It is the most earnest monster in the Pixie species.
004. Jilt [Pixie/Wracky] It is known that Jilt likes to tease men.
005. Granity [Pixie/Golem] It has a cold atmosphere maybe because of its strong will.
006. Dixie [Pixie/Zuum] It likes wild life because it was born in a jungle.
007. Janne [Pixie/Durahan] It is brave but its heart is a little bit too delicate to defeat enemies.
008. Mint [Pixie/Tiger] It has charming bluish hair and a cute tail.
009. Lepus [Pixie/Hare] In winter, warm air is held in its fur and keeps it warm.
010. Angel [Pixie/Gali] They say Angel is the most merciful monster of all.
011. Kitten [Pixie/Kato] A musical, based on Kitten's life has played a long run.
012. Jinnee [Pixie/Bajarl] It is sloppy by nature and sleeps often.
013. Futurity [Pixie/Metalner] Its looks may be what humans look like in the future.
014. Vanity [Pixie/Suezo] This name was given by Dr. Maccots when he found it.
015. Snowy [Pixie/Jill] It is mentioned in the legends of some northern countries.
016. Lilim [Pixie/Joker] It can be best described as a little witch.
017. Nagisa [Pixie/Jell] "Nagisa Skin." This admiring word is derived from this one.
018. Dryad [Pixie/Mock] This monster is a tree fairy. It inhabits in the forest.
019. Serenity [Pixie/Plant] In spite of its photosynthesis ability, it loves to eat.

020. Silhouette [Pixie/Monol] It has a shield wrapped around it in the FIMBA area.
021. Night Flyer [Pixie/Worm] Some people consider its beautiful feathers grotesque.
022. Allure [Pixie/Naga] They say that it sucks the life force out of men.
023. Poison [Pixie/???] They say it is hysterical. But the truth is unknown.
024. Kasumi [Pixie/???] Its breasts tend to get more attention than its battles.
025. Mia [Pixie/???] It draws many people's support with its cute charm.

026. Tiamat [Dragon/Pixie] Everybody agrees on its strength, but few agrees on its looks.
027. Dragon [Dragon/Dragon] Everybody knows this legendary monster. But few can raise it.
028. Corkasus [Dragon/Beaclon] It is difficult to find it since it hardly leaves its homeland.
029. Tecno Dragon [Dragon/Henger] They say it was made with all the ancient technologies.
030. Stone Dragon [Dragon/Golem] It is afraid its destructive power may affect others, and hides in a cave.
031. Armor Dragon [Dragon/Durahan] They say it was used by humans for the ancient battles.
032. Crab Dragon [Dragon/Arrow Head] It inhabits the lake and rules that lake.
033. Hound Dragon [Dragon/Tiger] It has a habit of hiding things like a dog.
034. Gariel [Dragon/Gali] Its head is like holography, for it has a kind of deity.
035. Oscerot [Dragon/Kato] This monster keeps a collection of oil pot in his house.
036. Dodongo [Dragon/Bajarl] This dragon can only be seen in the desert area.
037. Gidras [Dragon/Metalner] This dragon has the mysterious power of Metalner.
038. Death Dragon [Dragon/Joker] It is said that this dragon was resurrected by Joker's power.
039. Ragnaroks [Dragon/Monol] They say the ancient culture might have been destroyed by it.
040. Moo [Dragon/???] This dreadful looking dragon hardly appears even in legends.

041. Ferious [Centaur/Pixie] It has the upper body of a Pixie and the lower body of a horse.
042. Dragoon [Centaur/Dragon] This monster is the mixture of a brave Dragon and a just Centaur.
043. Centaur [Centaur/Centaur] This monster is intelligent, just and proud.
044. Trojan [Centaur/Golem] It has stonelike hard skin and a stubborn character.
045. Chariot [Centaur/Durahan] It is said that it holds the souls of Durahan and Centaur.
046. Antares [Centaur/Arrow Head] It is expected to function well both in water and on land.
047. Celious [Centaur/Tiger] It is a loner and does not like to cluster.
048. Bazoo [Centaur/Bajarl] It resides in a harsh location, and has its own values.
049. Reaper [Centaur/Joker] It was created by Joker, but it even hates him.
050. Trotter [Centaur/???] It has an excellent reputation as an excellent runner.
051. Blue Thunder [Centaur/???] This tribe is considered to be the descendant of Thor.

052. PeachTreeBug [ColorPandora/Pixie] It is cute, but you should know that it is a bit too noisy.
053. ColorPandora [ColorPandora/ColorPandora] This monster has three wills. Victory, love, and effort.
054. Liquid Cube [ColorPandora/Jell] It is almost impossible to recognize it in the water.
055. Dice [ColorPandora/???] This monster has strange patterns on its body.
056. Tram [ColorPandora/???] This monster is covered by a house-like pattern.

057. Bethelgeus [Beaclon/Dragon] The image of its flying in the sky is called "Death's Dance."
058. Beaclon [Beaclon/Beaclon] It has a strong body and much power. However, its IQ is low.
059. Melcarba [Beaclon/Henger] A mechanical monster who was made before Henger.
060. Rocklon [Beaclon/Golem] Its rocky body may be hollow inside because it can fly.
061. Centurion [Beaclon/Durahan] Its body is covered with well-designed solid armor.
062. Sloth Beetle [Beaclon/Tiger] It resides in a high mountian region, that is covered in snow.
063. KautRoarKaut [Beaclon/Bajarl] It is used as a means of transportation by some people.
064. Jaggernaut [Beaclon/Joker] Its carmine eyes show its wickedness.
065. Ducklon [Beaclon/Ducken] It has a spring that has to be wound each morning.
066. Eggplantern [Beaclon/???] It is said that those who waste food are scolded by this monster.

067. Garlant [Henger/Dragon] It is considered to be a phantom monster in the FIMBA area.
068. Henger [Henger/Henger] Monster's souls in Henger rarely maintain their past memories.
069. Gaia [Henger/Golem] It is a mechanical monster with a soul from the Golem species.
070. Omega [Henger/Zuum] It is one of the reason why Zuum and Dino are similar.
071. Heuy [Henger/Metalner] You will be surprised to see it flying around in the air fast.
072. End Bringer [Henger/Joker] This mechanical monster's soul has been infused by Joker.
073. Automaton [Henger/Mock] It is said that it was made as a prortype for Henger.
074. Black Henger [Henger/Monol] Its black body is an effective camouflage in the night.
075. Skeleton [Henger/???] Its design is a reminder that death is always with us.

076. Baby Doll [Wracky/Pixie] This monster is a doll of Pixie with a wicked soul.
077. Draco Doll [Wracky/Dragon] The original version of this doll is sold at premium price.
078. Henger Doll [Wracky/Henger] It is a doll of Henger with a wicked soul.
079. Wracky [Wracky/Wracky] It carries the grudges of the monsters killed in the battle.
080. Pebbly [Wracky/Golem] This Golem doll is made of stone and is too heavy for children.
081. Petit Knight [Wracky/Durahan] It is the most popular doll and is often out of stock.
082. Bakky [Wracky/Bajarl] It never used to be bought at the shop, but it has become popular.
083. Metal Glay [Wracky/Metalner] This is popular amoung little kids and tends to be their toy.
084. Tricker [Wracky/Joker] Contrary to its humorous appearance, its nature is rather evil.
085. Mocky [Wracky/Mock] Mention of its cheap-looking makes this monster mad.
086. Santa Clause [Wracky/???] A festival doll became possessed and then became this monster.

087. Pink Golem [Golem/Pixie] It is a smart and quiet monster. It doesn't like battle.
088. Tyrant [Golem/Dragon] The wings on its back are to small for it to fly.
089. Strong Horn [Golem/Beaclon] Though it has a large horn, it hardly uses it in battle.
090. Gobi [Golem/Henger] It is said that this monster was a weapon for the ancient war.
091. Mariomax [Golem/Wracky] It always cares how it looks. It is a little bit self conceited.
092. Golem [Golem/Golem] It moves slowly, but its punch is destructive.
093. Scaled Golem [Golem/Zuum] Some ornaments are made out of its green scale.
094. Battle Rocks [Golem/Durahan] It is said that a giant's armor turned into this monster.
095. Dagon [Golem/Arrow Head] Its hard body can even resist the pressures in the deep ocean.
096. Big Blue [Golem/Tiger] Its body is made of ice rock, which will not ever melt.
097. Moaigon [Golem/Hare] Its blue eyes remember the sad history between humans and them.
098. Sleepyhead [Golem/Baku] It spends most of its time in one place and hardly moves.
099. Amenhotep [Golem/Gali] It is popular among noblemen because of its beautiful body.
100. Pressure [Golem/Zilla] It cannot float on the water like Zilla. It is too heavy.
101. Dao [Golem/Bajarl] It moves each part of its body by using a mysterious magic.
102. Astro [Golem/Metalner] It is said that this monster contains a Metalner in it.
103. Titan [Golem/Suezo] It loves curry rice, but that is not why its body is yellow.
104. Angolmor [Golem/Joker] It is a Golem under control of Joker's soul.
105. Poseidon [Golem/Jell] Though it wishes to swim the crawl, it is afraid of water.
106. Wood Golem [Golem/Mock] Unlike Mock, it rarely changes the expression on its face.
107. Ecologuardia [Golem/Plant] It is worshipped as God of nature at small shrines in some cities.
108. Black Golem [Golem/Monol] People cannot do bad things when they think of it watching them.
109. Magna [Golem/Worm] The patterns on its body is considered to be ancient characters.
110. Marble Guy [Golem/Naga] Unlike other Golem monsters, it is rather offensive.
111. ForwardGolem [Golem/???] This monster has a strong will to rush into its goals.

112. FairySaurian [Zuum/Pixie] We can ride on its back because it has no wings on its back.
113. Salamander [Zuum/Dragon] Its IQ is lower than Dragon's. It is very fast and violent.
114. Rock Saurian [Zuum/Golem] It can move quicker than its looks, but it is not very smart.
115. Zuum [Zuum/Zuum] It's pedigree is considered to be similar to the Dino species.
116. Crab Saurian [Zuum/Arrow Head] It can swim fast in water and it is also a fast runner.
117. HoundSaurian [Zuum/Tiger] It can run fast, so it is often used to deliver express mail.
118. Spot Saurian [Zuum/Hare] Its character is quiet, but it is brave when protecting animals.
119. Hachiro [Zuum/Baku] It is more intelligent than people think it is.
120. NobleSaurian [Zuum/Gali] It is considered to be a status symbol among noble people.
121. Tasman [Zuum/Kato] This monster believes only in brute stength.
122. Sand Saurian [Zuum/Bajarl] Most monsters dislike the desert, but this one does not.
123. Mustardy [Zuum/Suezo] It is playful, and tends to carry its jokes too far.
124. Basilisk [Zuum/Joker] It confuses its enemies with a special pattern on its body.
125. JellySaurian [Zuum/Jell] Its body is made up gel and can be a comfortable type of cushion.
126. Wood Saurian [Zuum/Mock] It is cowardly and runs into the forest when it sees humans.
127. AlohaSaurian [Zuum/Plant] Girls dream of riding on this one when they get married.
128. BlackSaurian [Zuum/Monol] Its body with a black luster attracts fashionable people.
129. ShellSaurian [Zuum/Worm] Various Knights rode on its back and fight in the ancient era.
130. Naga Saurian [Zuum/Naga] Since it is a descendant from naga, it is rather violent.
131. ZebraSaurian [Zuum/???] Its striped body is the least conspicuous in savanna region.

132. Lesziena [Durahan/Pixie] It proves that women also participated in ancient battles.
133. Vesuvius [Durahan/Dragon] Its helmet has a curved dragon figure on it.
134. Hercules [Durahan/Beaclon] It has excellent strength and a dull sword sword won't even scratch it.
135. Kelmadics [Durahan/Golem] This stone armor is too heavy for normal people to wear.
136. Durahan [Durahan/Durahan] Ancient armor has mutated into the monster with this name.
137. Lorica [Durahan/Arrow Head] This armor, made out of the shell of Arrow Heads, is light and easy to handle.
138. Hound Knight [Durahan/Tiger] Its helmet is shaped like a Tiger's figure.
139. Garuda [Durahan/Phoenix] It is said that the legendary general, Garuda, used to wear it.
140. Metal Glory [Durahan/Metalner] There is no record showing that this armor has been used in the past.
141. Genocider [Durahan/Joker] It is said that a curse has been put upon this armor.
142. Wood Knight [Durahan/Mock] Poor knights made this armor out of trees in the ancient era.
143. Shogun [Durahan/???] This armor was discovered in an eastern country.
144. Ruby Knight [Durahan/???] It is said that it was the armor for the ancient royal guard.
145. Kokushi Muso [Durahan/???] This name means that no one can equal it.

146. Renocraft [Arrow Head/Henger] This monster is a prototype made by enginners prior to Hengers.
147. Priarocks [Arrow Head/Golem] This monster inhabits the desert and it is nocturnal.
148. Plated Arrow [Arrow Head/Durahan] The real design of this monster is in the form of vapor.
149. Arrow Head [Arrow Head/Arrow Head] Since it has a very hard shell, it is hardly KO'd in battle.
150. MustardArrow [Arrow Head/Suezo] Dropping tears does not always mean sadness.
151. Selketo [Arrow Head/Joker] It has thousands of thorns and stings whoever touches it.
152. Log Sawer [Arrow Head/Mock] Its body is made out of solid oak and is not soft but imflammable
153. Sumopion [Arrow Head/???] It is strange looking, but it does practice hard every day.

154. Daton [Tiger/Pixie] It is quite playful, but sometimes it injures its trainers.
155. Rock Hound [Tiger/Golem] It cannot run fast because its body is made out of rocks.
156. Datonare [Tiger/Zuum] No one equals its speed when it runs through the forest.
157. Tiger [Tiger/Tiger] Many ordinary people keep this monster.
158. Hare Hound [Tiger/Hare] This monster is very cute and will make you want to keep it.
159. Balon [Tiger/Gali] Because of its solemn nature, ordinary people doesn't keep it.
160. Mono Eyed [Tiger/Suezo] It is weak in measuring exact distance with its single eye.
161. Jelly Hound [Tiger/Jell] After it passes by, even warm air turns into cool air.
162. Tropical Dog [Tiger/Plant] It is popular mainly in the southern region.
163. Terror Dog [Tiger/Monol] It takes extra care properly maintain its beautiful hair.
164. Jagd Hound [Tiger/Worm] Its four eyes will not function at the same time.
165. Cabalos [Tiger/Naga] Ordinary people are prohibited from keeping this monster.
166. White Hound [Tiger/???] This monster has pure white hair and much is made of it.

167. Fairy Hopper [Hopper/Pixie] It can jump a little higher that other hoppers.
168. Draco Hopper [Hopper/Dragon] Though its potential is high, few peaple raise suck a scary looking monster.
169. Skipper [Hopper/Tiger] It will move seductively when someone touches its horn.
170. Hopper [Hopper/Hopper] It is a naughty monster, but it is loved by many trainers.
171. Mustachios [Hopper/Kato] This monster is always clustered with companions.
172. Emerald Eye [Hopper/Bajarl] It is said that it loves to eat jewelry, especially emeralds.
173. Springer [Hopper/Metalner] Its body shows a soft luster because of its Metalner blood.
174. Rear Eyed [Hopper/Suezo] It has the third eye in the back of its head.
175. Snow Hopper [Hopper/Jill] Snowboarding was created by copying the way this monster skis.
176. Pink Hopper [Hopper/Mocchi] It is a combined monster from two other popular monsters, but it is not popular.
177. Sneak Hopper [Hopper/Joker] It is very self centered and it has a cunning character.
178. Woody Hopper [Hopper/Mock] It is covered with body hair that looks like bark at glance.
179. Frog Hopper [Hopper/???] It likes to play battle games with kids and be mischievous.

180. Fairy Hare [Hare/Pixie] It worries about what people think, and is very shy.
181. Rocky Fur [Hare/Golem] Its body is hard as rocks, but too heavy to move quickly.
182. Scaled Hare [Hare/Zuum] Its ability to jump is better than that of other Hares.
183. Blue Hare [Hare/Tiger] Its blue body is considered to be cute and is high in popularity.
184. Hare [Hare/Hare] Hare is a little monster, but it can move quickly and it is brave.
185. Prince Hare [Hare/Gali] It contains deity blood and has a refined appearance.
186. Four Eyed [Hare/Suezo] It accurately aims at its target with its four eyes.
187. Jelly Hare [Hare/Jell] Its body is firmly constructed, except its flabby belly.
188. Leaf Hare [Hare/Plant] When it excites, the leaf pattern on its back will become embossed.
189. Evil Hare [Hare/Monol] Unlike other Hare monsters, it's a nocturnal monster.
190. Wild Hare [Hare/Worm] This is a manly looking monster with famous bushy eyebrows.
191. Purple Hare [Hare/Naga] It can launch sharp attacks, but it is weak in defense.
192. Kung Fu Hare [Hare/???] It trains daily to master the ancient art of kung fu.

193. Magmax [Baku/Dragon] It is active, but it becomes lazy when it is kept by humans.
194. Higante [Baku/Golem] It has an abundant knowledge, but it is not good at applying it.
195. War Baku [Baku/Durahan] It functioned well as a shield in the ancient battle.
96. Icebergy [Baku/Tiger] It is a glutton, so ordinary people do not raise it.
197. Gontar [Baku/Hare] It is curious and wants to accept all kinds of challenges.
198. Baku [Baku/Baku] It doesn't like trouble, and it is an innocent monster.
199. Nussie [Baku/Kato] It is the type of monster that won't risk anything.
200. Baku Clown [Baku/Joker] It was born as a tool of devils, but it forgets its evil duty.
201. Giga Pint [Baku/Jell] It is quiet and patient. Its body of gel is very flexible.
202. Shishi [Baku/???] It is said that anyone bitten by it will be lucky for a year.

203. Pink Mask [Gali/Pixie] This monster has a pattern of the Pixies' dance on its cloak.
204. Stone Mask [Gali/Golem] It is a guardian deity for the Golem species.
205. Scaled Mask [Gali/Zuum] Its mask is covered with scales like Dino and Zuum.
206. Fanged Mask [Gali/Tiger] It is a descendant from Tiger. Its mask is framed by fangs.
207. Furred Mask [Gali/Hare] It is a guardian deity for the Hare species.
208. Gali [Gali/Gali] It is said that its existence is close to that of God.
209. Suezo Mask [Gali/Suezo] Its single eye does not actually see anything.
210. Aqua Mask [Gali/Jell] There is no gelled portion on the body of this monster.
211. Colorful [Gali/Plant] It has a strong life force and loves peace.
212. Galirous [Gali/Monol] Its cloak is as hard as platinum and is as smooth as silk.
213. Brown Mask [Gali/Worm] There is an indescribable smile on its mask.
214. Purple Mask [Gali/Naga] It is a guardian deity for the Naga species and likes battle.
215. Happy Mask [Gali/???] Its bright expression make you forget about your worries.

216. Draco Kato [Kato/Dragon] It contains dragon's violent blood and likes battle.
217. Blue Kato [Kato/Tiger] Its quick movement makes its enemy confused.
218. Gordish [Kato/Gali] This monster seems to take a philosophical view of life
.219. Kato [Kato/Kato] It looks like an old cat, and loves to drink olive oil.
220. Citronie [Kato/Suezo] It likes using a fighting style that confuses its enemies.
221. Pink Kato [Kato/Mocchi] This monster likes its own cherry blossom colored body.
222. Tainted Cat [Kato/Joker] It rejects everything in this world and lives alone.
223. Ninja Kato [Kato/???] It originated from a Kato with master Ninja skills.

224. Pink Zilla [Zilla/Pixie] It has a beautiful white body, and strong confidence.
225. Gooji [Zilla/Tiger] With its huge horn, it can even sink a large ship.
226. Zilla [Zilla/Zilla] Few trainers keep it because it is a glutton and is too big.
227. Gigalon [Zilla/Jell] It was believed the ocean had eyes until it was discovered.
228. Deluxe Liner [Zilla/???] It swims confidently but there is something anxious about it.
229. Bajarl [Bajarl/Bajarl] It is naughty. When someone scolds it, it hides in a pot.
230. Jaba [Bajarl/Joker] It is said that this monster was made to be used as an assassin.
231. Boxer Bajarl [Bajarl/???] It has great footwork even without foot.
232. Magic Bajarl [Bajarl/???] It is considered to be a descendant from Magic in FIMBA area.
233. Ultrarl [Bajarl/???] It is said that this kind monster is a kind of hero of justice.

234. Mum Mew [Mew/Pixie] It is a Pixie monster that uses the body form of a Mew.
235. Bowwow [Mew/Tiger] This monster is related to the Tiger family.
236. Eared Mew [Mew/Hare] It doesn't want people to pick it up by its long ears.
237. Mew [Mew/Mew] This cat doll monster loves to sing very much.
238. Aqua Mew [Mew/Jell] A Jell, that had longed to be a Mew doll, has turned into this monster.
239. Swimmer [Mew/???] Training in the water will make the entire body toned up.

240. Phoenix [Phoenix/Phoenix] This is a legendary monster that never gives up.
241. Cinder Bird [Phoenix/???] Contrary to its looks, it is burning furiously inside.

242. Ghost [Ghost/Ghost] A dead monster, that was loved by its trainer, has turned into this one.
243. Chef [Ghost/???] It flies around cooking a large variety of food at one time.

244. Love Seeker [Metalner/Pixie] It is a Metalner combined with a Pixie to understand "love."
245. Metalner [Metalner/Metalner] It is considered to have come from a planet far from here.
246. Metazorl [Metalner/Suezo] It is combined with an expressive monster: Suezo
247. Chinois [Metalner/???] The dish that it cooked tastes so good that makes you smile.

248. Pink Eye [Suezo/Pixie] It will become depressed if it is not treated as humans.
249. Rocky Suezo [Suezo/Golem] It does not like sandy areas very much because it is quite heavy.
250. Melon Suezo [Suezo/Zuum] It loves fruits and sometimes encroaches on someone's farm.
251. Horn [Suezo/Tiger] In the IMa area, the horn of this monster is very very small.
252. Furred Suezo [Suezo/Hare] This monster likes adventure and is always exploring.
253. Orion [Suezo/Gali] It is said that a microcosm can be seen deep inside its eye.
254. Suezo [Suezo/Suezo] It is popular because of its human-like expressions.
255. Clear Suezo [Suezo/Jell] It is a Jell monster that has transformed itself to Suezo.
256. Green Suezo [Suezo/Plant] Unlike other Suezo monsters, it's an earnest monster.
257. Red Eye [Suezo/Monol] Its red eye is due to the fact that it stays up late.
258. Fly Eye [Suezo/Worm] Everything it looks at is seen in a multiplied form.
259. Purple Suezo [Suezo/Naga] It thinks that to put forth its maximum strength is embarrassing.
260. Gold Suezo [Suezo/???] This is a very rare monster, for its body is the color gold.
261. Silver Suezo [Suezo/???] This is also rare, for its body is the color silver.
262. Bronze Suezo [Suezo/???] It is another rare one, for its body is the color bronze.
263. Birdie [Suezo/???] Say, "Nice Shot" when you want to praise it for its good work.
264. Sueki Suezo [Suezo/???] It is a man made monster, and its form is based on Suezo.

265. Pong Pong [Jill/Pixie] This one is a meat lover and a glutton.
266. Pierry [Jill/Tiger] This monster is used to gather lumps of ice in high mountians.
267. Wondar [Jill/Hare] It always forgets what it is supposed to do.
268. Bengal [Jill/Kato] All Jills are gluttons. This one loves to eat fruits.
269. Zorjil [Jill/Suezo] It has a high IQ and it often gets lost in its thoughts.
270. Jill [Jill/Jill] This legendary monster can be found in the snow mountains.
271. Skull Capped [Jill/Joker] It is scheming but not enough smart to deceive someone.
272. Pithecan [Jill/???] There is a scholar who says that humans are descended from this monster.

273. Manna [Mocchi/Pixie] It believes that it is the most beautiful monster of all.
274. Draco Mocchi [Mocchi/Dragon] Contrary to its cute movements, it is a violent monster.
275. KnightMocchi [Mocchi/Durahan] Some sections of its body have been hardened like armor.
276. Fake Penguin [Mocchi/Tiger] It is similar to a penguin, but they are not related at all.
277. Nyankoro [Mocchi/Kato] Since it is a descendant from Kato, it looks like and old cat.
278. Mocchi [Mocchi/Mocchi] Its sticky skin and cute movements attaract a lot of trainers.
279. Hell Pierrot [Mocchi/Joker] Though it is a descendant from Joker, it cannot turn into a complete fiend.
280. Gelatine [Mocchi/Jell] Its flabby looking body is actually firmer than it appears.
281. GentleMocchi [Mocchi/???] It is a phantom monster and only a skillful and lucky trainer can get it
282. Caloriena [Mocchi/???] This monster never ceases its exercise and diet regiment.
283. Mocchini [Mocchi/???] It always wears black tights in order to protect its legs. It is a fast runner.

284. Hell Heart [Joker/Pixie] According to legends, it was an atrocious monster.
285. Flare Death [Joker/Dragon] A descendant of a dragon has turned into an atrocious Joker.
286. Tombstone [Joker/Golem] This is a Joker monster with the strength of the Golem species.
287. Blue Terror [Joker/Tiger] It painlessly kills its enemy with one deadly attack.
288. Odium [Joker/Bajarl] It is said that its spell causes its enemy to be unable to move.
289. Joker [Joker/Joker] This monster was so atrocious that it was once sealed up.
290. Bloodshed [Joker/???] This is the most aggressive monster of all the Joker species.

291. Frozen Gaboo [Gaboo/Tiger] Its body temperature is always kept low even during summer.
292. Dokoo [Gaboo/Joker] It carries a type of poison that paralyzes other monsters.
293. Gaboo [Gaboo/Gaboo] Contrary to its scary appearance, it is earnest and shy.
294. Jelly Gaboo [Gaboo/Jell] It is similar to Jell, but it has no core like that of Jell.
295. GabooSoilder [Gaboo/???] This monster is hot blooded, but often make careless mistakes.

296. Pink Jam [Jell/Pixie] This monster smells slightly sweet. But it is inedible.
297. Wall Mimic [Jell/Golem] It likes to turn into a stone wall in order to tease people.
298. Scaled Jell [Jell/Zuum] Its gelled sections are harder than its scaled sections.
299. Icy Jell [Jell/Tiger] There is a type of confectionery that is modeled after this one.
300. Muddy Jell [Jell/Hare] This monster is not a descendant from Gaboo.
301. Noble Jell [Jell/Gali] This monster has high pride, but it is also very earnest.
302. Eye Jell [Jell/Suezo] This monster can see through everything with its eye ball.
303. Jell [Jell/Jell] It transfigures its gelled body and attacks its enemies.
304. Chloro Jell [Jell/Plant] It needs more water than other Jell monsters.
305. Clay [Jell/Monol] Though its name is Clay, it is rather similar to coal tar.
306. Worm Jell [Jell/Worm] Its eyes are located in the lower portion of its body.
307. Purple Jell [Jell/Naga] Its memory is so bad that it needs a lot of looking after.
308. Metal Jell [Jell/???] It is very rare. Even if you find it, it will run away quickly.

309. Siren [Undine/Joker] It has the ability to not only manipulate water but also wind.
310. Undine [Undine/Undine] This is a legendary monster living deep in the ocean.
311. Mermaid [Undine/???] This monster appears in fairy tales once in a while.

312. Ammon [Niton/Golem] It usually stays completely still in one place like a fossil.
313. Knight Niton [Niton/Durahan] Its shell is the hardest of all the Niton species.
314. Stripe Shell [Niton/Kato] This monster is very patient when fighting.
315. Alabia Niton [Niton/Bajarl] "Alabia" means to appear and disappear.
316. Metal Shell [Niton/Metalner] Its body is made out of a strange substance.
317. Clear Shell [Niton/Jell] Its gelled section is almost as hard as its shell.
318. Niton [Niton/Niton] When something surprises it, it hides in its shell quickly.
319. Baum Kuchen [Niton/Mock] "Baumkuchen" is German for "tree cake." This is similar to it.
320. Dribbler [Niton/???] "Kickball" is the most popular sport in the IMa area.
321. Radial Niton [Niton/???] It is said that there was a play titled "Cars" in the ancient era.
322. Disc Niton [Niton/???] It has a pattern design that looks like a disc stone.

323. Ebony [Mock/Joker] This monster lives to confuse and surprise humans.
324. Mock [Mock/Mock] This tree-like monster has a crooked character.
325. White Birch [Mock/???] It is more resistant to cold than other Mock monsters.
326. Pole Moke [Mock/???] It stands in dark places and eats bugs that were lured.

327. Blocken [Ducken/Golem] This monster's duck-like shape is made up of several rocks.
328. Ticken [Ducken/Suezo] It is said that it contains the secret of the lost technology.
329. Ducken [Ducken/Ducken] This toy-like monster is an artifact of the ancient era.
330. Watermelony [Ducken/???] On the beach, it is often mistaken for a watermelon.
331. Cawken [Ducken/???] Some people consider this monster to be unlucky.

332. Queen Plant [Plant/Pixie] This monster is considered to be the strongest in the FIMBA area.
333. Rock Plant [Plant/Golem] It brings forth buds out of hard rock. Its life force is strong.
334. Scaled Plant [Plant/Zuum] Its green body is luminous at night, so many people have it.
335. Blue Plant [Plant/Tiger] This monster is obedient, easy to take care of, and colorful.
336. Hare Plant [Plant/Hare] It is so active that it hardly ever remains in the same place.
337. Gold Plant [Plant/Gali] Noble people tend to like this flashy Plant monster.
338. Usaba [Plant/Suezo] It is more difficult to grow than any other Plant monster.
339. Mirage Plant [Plant/Jell] Its quiet character is often mentioned in sad songs.
340. Plant [Plant/Plant] Thought it's not powerful, it can win by attacking repetitively.
341. Black Plant [Plant/Monol] A soot-like substance makes its body black.
342. Fly Plant [Plant/Worm] It hates its name and is gets mad when someone calls its name.
343. Weeds [Plant/Naga] It can survive for several days without being fed.
344. Raggae Plant [Plant/???] This monster loves a certain kind of music very much.

345. Romper Wall [Monol/Pixie] It's so friendly that it often tries to take too much care of humans.
346. Obelisk [Monol/Golem] It is rather active, so it cannot be used as a stone wall.
347. Jura Wall [Monol/Zuum] Noodles, which are made by using its moist body, are tasty.
348. Blue Sponge [Monol/Tiger] You are guaranteed a good night's sleep if you sleep on it.
349. Furred Wall [Monol/Hare] Though it has fluffy hair, its body is hard.
350. Ivory Wall [Monol/Gali] It has the pattern of God that is embossed on its body.
351. Sandy [Monol/Suezo] Its conspicuous figure is easy to spot even if it has escaped.
352. Ice Candy [Monol/Jell] During summer, its body is cool and comfortable to lie on.
353. New Leaf [Monol/Plant] It'll be filled with energy when half of its body is buried.
354. Monol [Monol/Monol] It will separate into pieces to cushion against enemy's attacks.
355. Soboros [Monol/Worm] It has eyes unlike other Monol and can see its enemy.
356. Asphaltum [Monol/Naga] Ants try to make colonies in it, but it is impossible.
357. Galaxy [Monol/???] This monster relates to the Sky monster in the FIMBA area.
358. Dominos [Monol/???] These monsters like to gather and form a line.
359. Scribble [Monol/???] This monster is rarely found in the IMa area.

360. Rock Ape [Ape/Golem] It is a lazy monster and sits as still as a stone staute.
361. Gibberer [Ape/Hare] Female trainers try not to teach it some kind of techniques.
362. Bossy [Ape/Gali] Though it is one of the laziest monsters, it is quite capable.
363. Tropical Ape [Ape/Plant] This monster sprays a scent that decreases fighting spirits.
364. Ape [Ape/Ape] There are many legends regarding this one's laziness.
365. Gold Dust [Ape/???] It seems to be decadent, but it is actually a hard worker.

366. Red Worm [Worm/Pixie] It may emerge as a beautiful monster once in a long while.
367. Rock Worm [Worm/Golem] It has beautiful eyes, but they do not work well in the light.
368. Scaled Worm [Worm/Zuum] It hides its legs and uses them only for quick movement.
369. Drill Tusk [Worm/Tiger] Its drill-like tusks can break even hard rocks into pieces.
370. Corone [Worm/Hare] A chocolate filled sweet pastry is named after this one.
371. Mask Worm [Worm/Gali] Though it is a descendant from God, it is not all that tough.
372. Eye Worm [Worm/Suezo] It has four fake eyes, and single real eye is usually hidden in its forehead.
373. Jelly Worm [Worm/Jell] Its flabby body cushions against its enemy's attack.
374. Flower Worm [Worm/Plant] The contrast of its red body and blue eyes is very beautiful.
375. Black Worm [Worm/Monol] This monster is used to carry heavy objects.
376. Worm [Worm/Worm] Its abilities are all in balance and it has no weak points.
377. Purple Worm [Worm/Naga] It frightens its enemies with its multitude of shiny eyes.
378. Express Worm [Worm/???] None can compete with its speed as long as it is on its line.

379. Ripper [Naga/Pixie] Its IQ is high, but it often mistakes itself for a human.
380. Trident [Naga/Golem] It likes to kill its enemies with one deadly attack.
381. Stinger [Naga/Zuum] It always holds its tongue out to cool its body tempature.
382. Striker [Naga/Tiger] Its obedient character is rare for the Naga species.
383. Edgehog [Naga/Hare] It is descended from the Hare species, but it is very violent.
384. Bazula [Naga/Gali] It is very careful and is rarely caught off guard.
385. Cyclops [Naga/Suezo] It is so clever that it often disagrees with its trainer.
386. Aqua Cutter [Naga/Jell] It is a Jell monster that is shaped in the form of Naga.
387. Jungler [Naga/Plant] It hides in the forest and hunts animals.
388. Crimson Eyed [Naga/Monol] It likes to damage its enemies little by little.
389. Earth Keeper [Naga/Worm] It won't forgive anyone, even humans, that destroy nature.
390. Naga [Naga/Naga] This one's cruel fighting style horrifies other monsters.
391. Time Noise [Naga/???] The secret goal of this one has is to obtain immortality.

392. Magma Heart [Dragon/???] It will immediately attack whoever invades its territory.
393. Sniper [Centaur/???] This monster is feared as the dominater of the Mandy Desert.
394. Sand Golem [Golem/???] It will not forgive anyone who breaks its quiet living.
395. Wild Saurian [Zuum/???] It is an active Zuum-type monster that has become wild.
396. Silver Face [Arrow Head/???] It has escaped from its trainers because of hard training.
397. Kamui [Tiger/???] It escaped being executed for killing humans.
398. Bloody Eye [Hopper/???] Its unique red eyes have caused it to be put on display.
399. Crescent [Kato/???] An evil spirit is dwelling in it because of a forbidden drink.
400. Zilla King [Zilla/???] It was awakened from an ancient sleep by a major earthquake.
401. Blue Phoenix [Phoenix/???] Unlike other Phoenix monsters, it is very violent.
402. Bighand [Jill/???] This kind of monsters are considered to be extinct.
403. Mad Gaboo [Gaboo/???] A tool to make it obey is buried in its forehead.
404. Burning Wall [Monol/???] This one escaped from its trainer while its stable was on fire.
405. King Ape [Ape/???] This monster is feared as the dominater of the Parepare Jungle.
406. Punisher [Naga/???] It is said that it was actually raised by another monster.
407. White Suezo [Suezo/???] It was raised very carefully because of its pure white body.
408. White Mocchi [Mocchi/???] It has changed the color of its skin in order to be conspicuous.